We believe in activities.

We believe in the "Other Interests" section of the resume.
We believe in backflips, grass stains, and diving catches even when you're not keeping score.
We believe in dogs and that "tongue-out-the-window" feeling.
We believe in June 20th, the longest day of the year.
We believe in building things - from the boards we surf on to the camper we sell from.
We believe in hand-written notes.
We believe a sweaty cotton shirt is too heavy a burden for anyone to bear.
We believe in sneaking a set of tennis at lunch and returning to the office in the same shirt.
We believe the same shirt should be ready to hit the town that night.
We believe our customers are our best models.
We believe in soul, not ego.
We believe in swinging as hard as you can off the tee no matter how tight the fairway.
We believe in laughing off the triple bogey that may result.
We believe in supporting causes that are bigger than us.
We believe in inspiring others to crave activity.
We believe activities have a special and irreplaceable way of bringing people together.